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The best movies and TV shows streaming on Disney+


On Nov. 12 Disney+launches for audiences everywhere, bringing with it a massive library of shows and movies featuring some of the biggest properties in cinema and TV history.

There are thousands to choose from, meaning you might spend your first night with the service just looking through lists. Save yourself some time: Weve scanned the Disney+ library to compile a truly staggering list of the best movies and TV shows available at launch.

Join us in the wonderful world of Disney with these Disney+ shows and movies.

Whats on Disney+? Heres everything we know:

Disney+ movies

1) Marvel Cinematic Universe(2008-2019)


One of the biggest selling points of Disney+ is getting immediate access to the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kicking off with Iron Man and encompassing the entire MCU up through Captain Marvel, you can catch up on 11 years of superhero action from the comfort of your home. Disney+ will also be the first place you can stream Avengers: Endgame later in 2019.

2) Free Solo(2018)

National Geographic/Disney

This Academy Award-winning documentary follows professional rock climber Alex Honnolds attempt to perform the first free solo climb of the 900-meter El Capitan vertical rock face at Yosemite National Park. Full of drama and heart-stopping photography, Free Solo is a thrill ride, even if you arent interested in climbing. It deserves a spot on your Disney+ shows and movies watchlist.

3) Moana (2016)


Moana is so good it belongs in the canon of all-time Disney greats. You need to add it to your watchlist immediately if you missed it when it was in theaters. Then you need to cancel your plans and watch Moana instead. The film brilliantly reinvents the Disney princess formula while also honoring the Disney classics you grew up loving. The representation, The Rock, the music from Lin-Manuel Miranda: I could go on, but really, if you havent seen the movie yet, just watch it first. Chris Osterndorf

4) Big Hero 6(2014)


Big Hero 6 introduces us to Hiro, a 14-year-old robotics genius who longs for adventure but is held back by his age. His brother helps him join a world-class research lab. However, tragedy strikes and Hiro must use his skills to create a team to stop an unimaginable evil. Packed with exhilarating action, Big Hero 6s real star is the truly believable relationships at the center of its story. You might even find yourself shedding a tear. Other superhero movies might be darker, but Big Hero 6 has more heart than all of them combined.

5) Frozen(2013)


Disneys mega-hit adaptation of Hans Christian Andersens The Snow Queen is one of the most beloved modern animated films. Princess Elsa was born with a wonderful, yet terrifying power: to create ice and snow. On the day she is meant to be crowned queen, a horrible mistake plunges the kingdom into permanent winter, causing Elsa to flee. Its up to her sister and a merry band of adventurers to bring Elsa back and unfreeze the kingdom. With wonderful music and beautiful animation, Frozen is among the Disney+ shows and movies that are a treat for the whole family.

6) The Muppets(2011)


Walter and Gary grew up loving the Muppets. They finally travel to Los Angeles to see The Muppets Studio, but theyre heartbroken to discover it abandoned. When they learn Statler and Waldorf are planning on selling the studio to an oil company, they band together to reunion Kermit, Piggy, and the entire crew to save the Muppet legacy. Written by star Jason Segel, The Muppets is an uproarious reboot of the beloved classic characters, with brilliant musical numbers and hilarious jokes.

7) Invincible(2006)


Invincible is based on the true story of Vince Papale, a 30-year-old South Philadelphia bartender who won a spot playing for the Eagles during an open tryout. Papale became the oldest rookie in the history of the NFL, serving as an inspiration for working-class Joes everywhere. With explosive action andMark Wahlbergs heartfelt performance, Invincible is a classic feel-good sports film hidden among the numerous shows and movies Disney+ offers.

8) Millions(2005)

Fox Searchlight/Disney

There arent too many whimsical crime comedies for families, which makes Millions a wonderful exception. Days before Britain converts to euros, a 7-year-old sees a bag of millions of pounds fall from the sky. The only catch is the criminals who originally stole the money desperately want it back. Danny Boyles heartwarming tale of childhood innocence and crime is a crowd-pleasing comedy.

9) The Incredibles (2004)


Pixars The Incredibles is truly a wonder. Its not only one of the best Pixar films, but its also unofficially the best Fantastic Four movie ever made. When the forced retirement of all superheroes leaves Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl in a career slump, the duo tackles its biggest challenge of all: raising three kids. But Mr. Incredible still longs for adventure, sneaking out of the house to perform heroic acts in spite of the law. Hilarious and thrilling,The Incredibles lives up to its name and more.

10) Miracle(2004)


The Cold War was fought on many fronts, sometimes even by underdogs on ice. Miracle adapts the true story of the 1980 U.S. mens Olympic hockey teams battle with Russia for the gold medal. College coach Herb Brooks brings together a scrappy team of brilliant college players to face the elite Russian squad. The action is intense and the story is inspiring, even if you dont buy into nationalistic tales of sports supremacy. Count it among the classic Disney+ shows and movies.

11) Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl(2003)


Travel back, if you will, to the distant past of 2003. Johnny Depp was not only semi-tolerable, but his Captain Jack Sparrow was a revelation, yet to become a grating parody of itself. Orlando Bloom was a movie star, Keira Knightley was an up-and-comer, and no one knew whether a film based on a theme park ride would work. Moreover, said film had not yet spawned a parade of annoying sequels. Today, its hard to say whats most impressive about the first Pirates of the Caribbean moviethat it still holds up so well or that it even worked in the first place. Chris Osterndorf

12) Finding Nemo (2003)


Marlin is a clownfish and wonderful father to Nemo, a brave little boy with one abnormally short fin. They live a happy, yet simple life. But one day, Nemo swims too close to the surface and gets caught by a diver. Marlin must break free of his fear of venturing into the world to find his lost boy. A forgetful reef fish named Dory helps him along the way. Packed to the gills with laughs and heart, Finding Nemo is a true classic. Add it to your Disney+ shows and movies queue for when your heart needs warming.

13) Lilo and Stitch(2002)


Its safe to say Stitch is the second-most beloved alien in family films, after E.T. Movies about kids and their pets are as timeless as a concept can get, and Lilo and Stitch delivers the goods. Lilo, a young Hawaiian girl, and Stitch, an alien whose core directive is wreaking havoc and destruction, are a lovely pair. As the two unlikely friends grow closer and question what really constitutes family, Lilo and Stitch cements its place as a modern Disney classic. Given that Disneys hand-drawn output is nearly nonexistent these days, Lilo and Stitch is worth revisiting for its aesthetic pleasures, on top of the charming story and adorable lead duo. Eddie Strait

14) Toy Story 2 (1999)


Youll be able to enjoy every chapter of the Toy Story saga among the Disney+ shows and movies, but the second entry deserves special mention. Originally planned as a direct-to-video movie, then rebooted from scratch for a theatrical release, Toy Story 2 probably shouldnt exist. Instead, it became a jewel of the Pixar library, telling an adult story about fear of abandonment in a hilarious, family-friendly package. It also signals one of the biggest leaps in animation technology between films in the Pixar catalog.

15) James and the Giant Peach(1996)


Get ready to discover one of the lost Disney gems thanks to the expansive Disney+ shows and movies library. 1996s stop-motion animated adaptation of Roald Dahls James and the Giant Peach is a treat.Blending live-action segments with lovingly crafted puppet work, Jamesbuilds a magical world unlike anything in the Disney catalog. Add to it a batch of original Randy Newman songs, and youve got a classic waiting to be found.

16) Frank and Ollie(1995)


Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston are two of the most important figures in animation history, but you probably dont know their names. They were the chief animators for Walt Disney Animation Studios from its early development through the 70s, when they retired. This heartwarming documentary tells their story, drawing anecdotes from across their careers as they trace the birth of modern cinematic animation.

17) A Goofy Movie(1995)


Despite becoming a beloved constant for the Tumblr generation, A Goofy Movie has never really gotten its due. Thats a shame because its one of the funniest, most heartwarming modern additions of the Disney animation library. Goofyfearing loss of connection with his teenage son, Maxtakes the family on a hijinks-filled fishing trip. Along the way, audiences learn about the power of family and the wildness of teen angstand get a few incredible musical numbers from Tevin Campbell.

18) Heavyweights(1995)


Behold Heavyweights, the darkest childrens comedy about body positivity ever to hit cinemas. Summer is supposed to be a time for fun, so when Gerry finds out his parents are sending him to Camp Hope to lose weight, hes heartbroken. Upon arrival, he discovers a place where overweight kids are accepted and lovedat least until the new owners arrive, instituting a mutiny among the campers. Written by a young Judd Apatow and director Steven Brill and starring Ben Stiller, Kenan Thompson, Paul Feig, and David Bowie, this bizarre comedy has earned a devoted cult following over the years. Its more than earned its spot in the Disney+ shows and movies catalog.

19) The Lion King(1994)


The crown jewel of the Disney library is 1994s beloved animated classicThe Lion King. From the still-stunning animation to the Oscar-winning musical numbers, The Lion King has been a part of childrens lives for almost three decades. Now you can relive the magic time and time again on Disney+.

20) Newsies(1992)


Newsies isnt an easy sell on paper: Its a full-production movie musical based on the actual newsboys strike of 1899. But this cult hit, which spawned a smash Broadway musical, has all the heart, magic, and infectiously unforgettable music youve come to love about Disney classics. Starring Christian Bale, Bill Pullman, Ann-Margret, and Robert Duvall, Newsies is a feel-good musical adventure with incredible dance numbers.

21) Who Framed Roger Rabbit(1988)


Beyond being one of the finest film noirs ever made, Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a landmark in animation history. Its groundbreaking blending of live actors with animated characters is still jaw-dropping to see. Beyond that, it marked the first and last time audiences would ever see Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny on-screen together. Thankfully, well always have this perfect film about a detective and a cartoon rabbit teaming up to save Toontown.

22) Mr. Boogedy(1986)


Disney+ will give audiences access to every Disney Channel Original Movie, but none is more exciting than Mr. Boogedy. This rare horror film from the House of Mouse tells the story of a family that discovers an evil Colonial ghost is haunting its new home. While its special effects havent aged perfectly, Mr. Boogedys wonderful cast of characters, including a dad who sells gags for a living, raise it above the occasionally low production values.

23) Return to Oz(1985)

J Dime/YouTube

While The Wizard of Oz is a beloved family classic, this pitch-black 1985 sequel might be better saved for kids over 12 or very spooky 10-year-olds. Picking up years after the original, Returnfinds Dorothy receiving electrotherapy for telling stories about Oz. When lightning strikes, she escapes back to Oz, where she must fight a new evil that has overtaken the land. It may be too scary for young children, but Return to Oz is a bonafide classic of dark childrens fantasy.

24) Star WarsOriginal Trilogy(1977-1983)


In 1977, cinema was changed for all time with the release of Star Wars: A New Hope. It ushered in decades of big-budget summer blockbusters and redefined sci-fi for an entire generation. Now fans can stream these classic films in one place: the massive list of Disney+ shows and movies. Hopefully in the future Disney will add the original cuts to the library, but getting to stream these films at all is a major win.

25) Mary Poppins(1964)


Even after all these years,Mary Poppins is practically perfect in every way, both movie and character. When the Banks family needs a nanny, they put out a notice only to be surprised by the sudden arrival of the magical Mary Poppins. Through a series of adventures, musical numbers, and one stunning animated sequence, Poppins teaches the family about the importance of positivity. Julie Andrews gives the performance of a lifetime in what is arguably the best childrens film ever.

26) Sleeping Beauty(1959)


Disneys animation department has redefined the art form multiple times, but Sleeping Beauty is in a class of its own. Taking the beloved childrens story and turning it into a hand-painted work of art, Sleeping Beauty is both childrens film and fine art. You get romance, terrifying action, and comedy at every turn, but the design of this movie alone is worth your time.

27) 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954)


Winner of two Academy Awards, for best art direction and best special effects, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea remains a thrilling science-fiction classic. After a sea monster attacks his ship, Professor Aronnax is rescued by the enigmatic Captain Nemo and his experimental submarine. The giant squid attack is still one of the best action sequences in sci-fi, but the entire film is overflowing with incredible adventure.

28) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs(1937)


Its hard to appreciate just how groundbreaking Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was when it came out. From the advanced animation that stunned audiences to the still-thrilling performances, Snow Whitechanged the future of animation. But what really matters is that even after 80-plus years its still as enthralling as the day it was released. Now its just easier than ever for kids all over to learn the words to Hi Ho!

Disney+ shows

1) The Muppets(2015)


We may have only gotten 16 episodes of ABCs The Muppets reboot, but those 16 episodes rank among the finest modern entertainment satire in history. Mixing The Office with the Muppets, this hilarious love letter to show business focused on the behind-the-scenes antics at Up Late With Miss Piggy. Choosing to keep the avalanche of celeb cameos and goofy jokes from the classic show but spinning it into a modern media satire was bold. While it didnt pay off at the time, on Disney+ shows library it can live on forever.

2) Gravity Falls(2012)


Cartoon Network gets most of the credit for the modern boom of whip-smart childrens cartoons like Regular Show and Adventure Time, but Disney earned a place in the conversation with Gravity Falls. The show follows twins Dipper and Mabel, who are sent to spend the summer with their great uncle, Grunkle Stan. After finding a bizarre journal, the twins set out to uncover a host of mysteries, often encountering evil along the way. If youve ever longed for a kid-friendly Twin Peaks, Gravity Falls deserves your time and attention.

3) Phineas and Ferb(2007)


Phineas and Ferb is one of the great absurdist childrens cartoons, a boundlessly imaginative world where kids live out their wildest dreams under their parents noses. Also, sometimes their pet platypus fights an evil spy organization. This joyous cartoon sees Phineas Flynn and his stepbrother Ferb Fletcher build time machines and amusement parks while trying to keep their adventures secret. Brilliantly funny, yet endlessly creative, Phineas and Ferb is a true joy.

4) Spider-Man(1994)


Fox TVs 90s Saturday morning cartoon block was a hotbed of incredible Marvel Comics adaptations. But its take on Spider-Man, in particular, stands out, cleverly adapting some of the comics most adult moments for an all-ages show. Youll see almost every villain and friend Spider-Man has ever made, from the Kingpin to the Punisher to Venom and even the murderous Carnage. While the MCU Spider-Man movies are incredible, this show might just be the best portrayal of the character anywhere outside of comic booksand now its one of the Disney+ shows you can enjoy from your couch.

5) Gargoyles(1994)


Original childrens cartoons often seem to exist only to sell action figures. Gargoyles is an extremely odd outlier. Sure they made action figures, but the show also developed a deep, surprisingly dark mythology of its own along the way. Viewers join a crew of ancient gargoyles as they fight an evil billionaire with the help of a New York Police Department detective. Dealing with themes of family, time displacement, and corporate greed, the show has surprisingly heavy content for Disney. However, the thrilling fights and deep storylines will keep even the most cynical viewer engaged.

6) X-Men(1992)


Fox understandably gets a lot of criticism for how it butchered the X-Men franchise in theaters, but it deserves as much credit for nailing this cartoon. Drawing heavily from the comic books, often in multi-episode story arcs, and never shying away from the horrific violence mutants face,X-Men is a work of art. The show gives its villains room to have motives and its heroes true moments of tragedy, and it keeps the action intense throughout. Plus, that heavy-metal theme song still rips. If you want to catch up on X-Men lore but dont want to read a million issues, this show is a great start. Add it to your Disney+ shows queue.

7) The Simpsons(1989)

20th Century Fox/Disney

For over 30 years The Simpsons has been part of the American lexicon. The family has taught us lessons, made us laugh, and sold us Butterfingers. Now we can catch up with all their adventures on Disney+. With hundreds of episodes spanning three decades, it will take months of binge-watching before you start saying the early seasons are better. However, thanks to streaming, you can find that the other seasons are just as worth your time. We just hope Disney+ keeps the commentary tracks like FXNow did.

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Marvel’s Kevin Feige brushes off Scorsese superhero movies criticism


Studio chief describes as unfortunate the directors claim that the blockbusters were like theme parks and not cinematic

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has responded for the first time in public to the controversy surrounding superhero movies first sparked in October by Martin Scorsese, who said they were not cinema and closer to theme parks.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Feige brushed off Scorseses remarks, saying: I think thats not true. I think its unfortunate.

Feige added: I think myself and everyone who works on these movies loves cinema, loves movies, loves going to the movies, loves to watch a communal experience in a movie theatre full of people.

Scorseses views were backed up by fellow directors such as Francis Ford Coppola, who described Marvels output as despicable and Ken Loach, who called them cynical. Film-makers such as Joss Whedon and James Gunn, however, defended the Marvel franchise, while Robert Iger, CEO of Disney, which owns Marvel, said: I dont get what [Coppola and Scorsese are] criticising us for when were making films that people are obviously enjoying going to and theyre doing so by the millions.

However, Scorsese later amplified his criticism of superhero movies with an article in the New York Times, in which he said he felt a terrible sadness about the state of the industry.

Feige said: Everybody has a different definition of cinema. Everybody has a different definition of art. Everybody has a different definition of risk. Some people dont think its cinema. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. Everyone is entitled to repeat that opinion. Everyone is entitled to write op-eds about that opinion, and I look forward to what will happen next. But, in the meantime, were going to keep making movies.

Feige, who is generally considered the main creative force behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has overseen the release of 23 MCU films since 2008 with a worldwide box office of over $22bn, making it by far the most successful film franchise of all time. Feige has also been asked to collaborate on a new instalment in the Star Wars series, the second highest grossing franchise of all time.

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50 Halloween Costumes You Probably Wish You Thought Of Yourself (New Pics)


The holiday season is upon us: we’ll soon be feasting upon pumpkins, followed by turkeys (plump and with tiny pilgrim hats), and, well, more turkeys (plumper and with tiny Santa hats). Since Halloween is closing in on us like the Grim Reaper, you’re probably thinking about what costume to wear if you haven’t ordered or sewn your own already.

Our Bored Panda witches and warlocks have been busy casting summoning spells and concocting the perfect list of Halloween costumes. We hope you’ll enjoy them and that they’ll inspire you to show everyone who’s boss while you’re out trick-or-treating and dancing all night long at your Halloween bash.

You think you love Halloween? Odds are, we love it more. Way more. In fact, I’m pretty sure that pumpkin juice flows through our veins. Check out Bored Panda’s posts about Halloween here, here, here, here, and here. It’s scary how many of these we’ve summoned from the Pumpkin Realm. [Roll of thunder followed by an evil cackle]


An 88 Year Old Woman And Her 92 Year Old Husband Attend A Halloween Party


9-Year-Old With Cerebral Palsy Dresses Up As Beetlejuice For Halloween


Daughter Becomes Dad As Costume

Halloween is a great time to let out your inner creative imp. Whether you want to show off to your friends, leave a great impression on that girl or boy that you like, or scare off spooky spirits like Sam and Dean from Supernatural, it’s imperative that you look good.

And for that, you need a costume. Something different from the crowd. Something that stands out. Something that hasn’t been done before.


My Son Is 4 With Cerebral Palsy. Every Year My Amazing Wife Builds Him A Costume To Go On His Wheelchair

He’s been obsessed with Polar Express so this year he went as a train engineer. Woo woo!


The Little Girl That Was Mesmerized By Michelle Obama’s Official Portrait Last March Dressed Up As Her This Halloween


Best Halloween Duo I’ve Seen This Year

However, there’s nothing new under the sun, so instead of going for total originality that might backfire, instead, go for something a bit unusual but make your costume well.

After all, it’s the quality of the costume and your ability to roleplay that pirate/knight/Jedi/superhero that counts most, not just impressing others with your innovative ideas. We’d rather dress to the nines as Castiel (some of us already wear trench coats almost daily) than pretend to be some niche character from some show nobody’s ever seen.


Tripod Got My Vote At The Costume Contest


My Heart Melt When This Popped Up On My Feed


My 6 Year Old Sister Wanted To Be Coraline For Halloween And For Me To Accompany Her As The Other Mother. Here Is Our Result!

There are many traditions associated with Halloween and one of them has to do with keeping away fairies if you’re Irish or have ancestors back in the Land of a Thousand Welcomes. According to local folklore, if you don’t want your things stolen by those darn pesky fairies on October 31, you should dress up, carve faces into pumpkins, light blazing bonfires, and keep yourself surrounded by black cats. Otherwise, the fairies might get you. In fact, we heartily recommend surrounding yourself with cats throughout the year. Just in case.


I Was Asked “Why Didn’t You Dress Up For Halloween?”


Halloween At The Office


This Kid’s “Tired Mom” Costume


No, No. Too Scary For Me


My High School Art Teacher’s Amazing Van Gogh Costume


My Nephew Had A Six-Hour Heart Surgery The Day Before Halloween. This Is How They Solved His Walking Restriction For Trick Or Treating


She Even Giggles When You Poke Her Belly Button


My Wife Was In An Accident About 2 Months Ago Resulting In A Severe Brain Injury. We Thought We’d Make The Most Of The Situation


We Won The Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Halloween Costume Challenge


Just In Time For Halloween, Anglerfish Costumes


I Don’t Know If The Town Is Ready For My Trick Or Treaters Or Not


Pretty Unique Halloweeen Costume – Dead Body On Mount Everest


She Refused To Smile The Entire Time In Costume


My Daughter’s Preschool Had A Costume Party Last Halloween. There Were 9 Princesses, 2 Super Heroes, And 1 Garbage Truck. She Was The Garbage Truck


Created A Mask Of My Face For Halloween


A Wild Horseshoe Crab In Its Natural Habitat


My Daughters As Maria And Luigia


I Told A Kid In My Neighborhood I Loved His Costume. He Replied With Asking Me If I Would “Bite His Shiny Metal Butt”


Freddy Mercury Halloween Costume


Some Cop In My Hometown Winning Halloween


My Best Friend Handmade A Skunk Costume For My Kid’s First Halloween


What A Fun Guy. Get It. Fun Guy


Mexican Climbing A Wall Costume

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My Friend Won The Halloween Costume Contest. Are You Surprised?


Straight Outta Hell

The hubs and I are super into the holiday and go all out with months of sfx work. Everything is made from scratch and if it’s not, its been reworked to make a custom piece.


I Don’t Know Whose Kid This Is But I Love This Costume


I Made An Ewok Costume For My Daughter


My First Halloween As A Double Below The Knee Amputee. Forrest Gump And Lieutenant Dan


Joker: The Beginning


Best Costume At My Office Today. The TV Rolls Around


Just Wanna Brag On My Girlfriend’s Son. He Killed It As Eleven, This Year

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My Lara Croft Cosplay


My Halloween Costume Is A Band-Aid


Mom Crocheted This Xenomorph Costume For Her Son


My Son Just Discovered Metallica, He Can’t Wait For Halloween


No One Knew Who He Was… Either We’re Too Old Or The Costume Sucks…


Some Makeup And Scar Putty Turned Me Into The Nightmare Version Of My Favorite Emoji

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What really ‘triggered’ Donald Trump Jr.


(CNN)Donald Trump Jr. has already copped to being a troll. In his new book, published Tuesday, he offers proof that he is also a huckster who goes all-in with the entertaining gobbledygook associated with the family name. Sometimes he’s a whining victim. Sometimes he’s a hero. Always he’s a chip off the old block.

    Donald Trump Jr. retweeted, then deleted, question about Kamala Harris’ ethnicity

Not at all! In Trump Jr.’s world, “triggered” is uttered with a sneer in the direction of wimps and cowards. Surely the President’s son, who has slain an elephant while on safari, doesn’t want us to think he’s a triggered softy. What, oh what is Donald Trump Jr. trying to say?
Normally the subtitle would provide a clue, but do we really need one? All you have to do is consult Twitter to discover that hate is Trump Jr.’s thing. Remember how a few months ago he spread the idea that Sen. Kamala Harris is not an “American Black?” (“Is this true? Wow!” he added to the retweet, before deleting it all later. Trump Jr.’s spokesperson told the New York Times that the tweet was deleted because people were “misconstruing the intent” of the tweet.)
    How about the tweet comparing immigrants to dangerous animals that belong behind walls? And if there’s such a big, scary effort to silence him — per the book title — how did he manage to get this published by a mainstream media conglomerate? The mind reels. And we haven’t even opened the book yet.
    But we do.
    In its first few chapters, readers who attempt to follow Trump Jr.’s words will find hot-button assertions — “We’ve allowed … anti-Semitism to run rampant throughout our government” — but no follow-up facts. Who are these anti-Semites? How does he know they exist throughout the government? You won’t find out here because Don Jr. isn’t trying to inform you. He’s just trying to scare you.
    Here the “angry mobs” threatening the peace are not comprised of Trump rallygoers screaming “send them back,” referring to immigrants, but of journalists reporting the news. The author declares Russia’s well-documented attack on the 2016 election “a hoax” and judges former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who proved it happened, a “feeble old fool.”
    Nevertheless, Trump Jr. seizes up Mueller’s report to brag that it offered “zero evidence” that his father, the President, obstructed justice. Let’s set aside the vast evidence of obstruction in the report (all of which President Donald Trump denies) and ask why the author would question Mueller’s mentation and then, a few pages later, cite his work as conclusive.

      These are the topics Trump Jr. doesn’t want to discuss

    No logic could explain why Trump Jr. would depend on a fool for reassurance, but then logic isn’t the point. This is a book of fanciful notions intended to make us both pity the son of a billionaire president but also see in his tale the origin story of the superhero who will save us.
    Our pity is evoked by lines like this: “As the son of a rich guy living in 2019, I’m essentially not allowed to have an opinion anymore, let alone express that opinion in public.” I’ll give the author points for consistency in this instance. In 2014, he expressed the very same complaint, in very similar language, when I interviewed him at Trump Tower. Then, he said, “It’s very difficult to even have an opinion anymore as a privileged white guy who is second or third generation in a family company.”
    Our hope is supposed to be stirred by Trump Jr.’s biographical anecdotes, which he uses to create a mash-up identity. It must be granted, of course, that anyone born Donald Trump Jr. would live an uncommon and interesting life. The problem is that he writes about it in such an uninteresting way.
    Trump Jr. notes bizarre experiences that include tabloid sex scandals involving his parents and luxuries of the sort most people only imagine. But he wants us to know that he’s really a regular guy at heart — he likes guns! — and he wants us to bond with him over the ridiculousness of his mother’s attempt to order chardonnay at Taco Bell.

      President Donald Trump (Jr.)?

    Trump family lore is so full of falsities, including the oft-repeated claim that the same woman who couldn’t fathom Taco Bell was an Olympic skier (she wasn’t), that the personal narrative that Trump Jr. offers cannot be considered reliable or informative. The same is true with the elementary school-level-history thrown into the mixture. Add the writer’s many attempts to breathe life into ancient culture wars about the Sixties and you get something close to a front-porch monologue issued by a slick, young plutocrat posing as a resentful old coot.
      If you think that all of the above suggests that this bound object bearing Donald Trump Jr.’s name and likeness is hardly enlightening, you are correct. “Triggered” is not so much a book as it is a blast of marketing concepts to help true believers stay committed to the Trump cause.
      The President may be on his way to impeachment, but his son is here to offer an alternate reality. If the book’s spot on the Amazon bestseller list is any indication, great numbers will buy what he’s selling. With Trumps that has always been the point.

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      Ryan Reynolds Has Tastiest Response To Robert Downey Jr.’s ‘Eat Me’ Taunt


      Things got tasty after Robert Downey Jr. told fellow Marvel star Ryan Reynolds to “eat me” ahead of their AGBO Superhero Fantasy Football Charity League clash.

      Downey Jr. (aka Iron Man) taunted Reynolds (Deadpool) with this video on Instagram:

      Reynolds fired back in the comments:

      Ryan Reynolds

      Reynolds then went further with his video, in which he did exactly what Downey Jr. had told him to do:


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      What Your Dog Should Be For Halloween, Based On Their Zodiac Sign


      Aries – A painter!

      Taurus – A teddy bear!

      Gemini – A doctor!

      Cancer – Colonel Sanders!

      Leo – A spider!

      Virgo – A taco!

      Libra – A superhero!

      Scorpio – Olaf!

      Sagittarius – A rainbow!

      Capricorn – A unicorn!

      Aquarius – A mailman!

      Pisces – A pumpkin!

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      Geena Davis: ‘damaging stereotypes’ on screen limit women’s aspirations


      Actor speaks out as film industry study on characters in leadership roles finds women four times more likely than men to be shown naked

      The promises of positive change for women on screen that followed her role in the groundbreaking film Thelma and Louise have failed to materialise, leaving girls today with few role models, according to the actor Geena Davis.

      The media continue to have a huge influence on how the world views women and girls, and how they view themselves, she said. But few current roles show women in powerful positions, and continue to reinforce damaging gender stereotypes.

      Davis was speaking to the Guardian as research into the film industry showed that of characters in leadership positions, women were four times more likely than men to be shown completely naked. The study also found that 42% of men were shown in leadership roles, compared with 27% of women.

      We know from many examples that media images can be incredibly powerful in a positive way if you bother to do that, Davis told the Guardian. My theory is we dont have enough real-life role models of women in important positions and occupations to inspire change, and so we need to have them in fiction so that life will imitate art.

      I believed all the press reaction about Thelma and Louise, that it was going to change everything and that there were now going to be far more female lead characters in movies, and I was thrilled.

      And actually the next move I made, A League of Their Own, the press announced the same thing, that now absolutely for sure everything is going to change. Therell be so many sports movies now. And none of those things happened.

      Over the 25 years since, there have been a number of times that movies have come out and people [have said], This is going to change things, and it didnt, added Davis, who was nominated for an Academy Award for her role as Thelma in the 1991 film.

      Its incredibly disappointing how little progress has been made.

      Research published on Tuesday analysed the film industrys portrayal of women and its impact on the lives of girls, carried out by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, which the actor founded in 2004, and the NGO Plan International.

      It analysed the 56 top-grossing films of 2018 in 20 countries in North America, Scandinavia, Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe.

      Of the characters in leadership positions, it found that women and girls were four times more likely than men to be shown wearing revealing clothing; nearly twice as likely to be shown as partially nude; and four times more likely to be shown completely naked. It also found that when a slow motion focus was used on lead characters bodies, nearly twice as many female leads were sexually objectified than men.

      Research also revealed that twice as many men appeared in the 56 films and they spoke twice as much as women.

      Male characters were shown as being more effective and more respected when in leadership positions, while female presidents and prime ministers were portrayed as struggling with the job. Where female characters were portrayed as strong, it was in the home.

      Almost half of the characters across the films analysed, which collectively earned $21bn (17bn) at the box office, were white. Only one of the 60 female leaders in the films was LGBTQ+. None of the films was directed by a woman, only a quarter had at least one female producer and one in 10 had at least one woman on the writing team.

      In the report, Rewrite her Story, 10,000 girls and young women between the ages of 15 and 25, in 19 countries, were polled about the role media played in shaping their aspirations and view of themselves.

      The vast majority of those interviewed said they were influenced by what they saw on screen and wanted more role models. More than 90% said they believed women in leadership roles were treated less well because of their gender.

      Of course it hurts me because even if I know I could be a leader, I wont do it because I see it is just for men, not for women, a 22-year-old Ugandan woman told researchers. So that affects me. Ill have to sit back and watch men doing it, even though I am capable of doing it too.

      Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen, CEO of Plan International, said while a woman 007 or superhero in film is welcome our research shows they are exceptions and not the rule.

      The bigger picture is that gender discrimination and harmful stereotypes still dominate on screen. This undermines girls and young women and has a negative impact on their aspirations to leadership in all walks of life.

      Davis said she remained optimistic that things would improve. The #MeToo and Times Up movements have had a remarkable impact on the industry. We can feel change in the air, she said.

      I feel the easiest way to bring change in our culture is on-screen representation. And if you make it happen there, it will happen in real life.

      Davis, who this year joined Netflix wrestling drama Glow, played the ultimate leadership role that of a female US president in the 2005 TV show Commander in Chief. It was axed by ABC after one series. But, she said, a study found that 58% of people said they were more likely to vote for a female candidate for president after seeing me behind the desk.

      She added: Imagine if I had stayed on air for eight years, what would be happening now?

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      ‘Deadpool’ sequel will still be R-rated, co-writer says


      The question of what a Deadpool sequel would look like over at Disney has been up in the air since the company earlier this year. Many wondered if the property would remain R-rated under Disney. But after seeds of doubt were sprinkled a few months ago, one of the films screenwriters is offering some reassurance.

      Longtime creative partners Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese are responsible for writing both Deadpool movies, but years before they collaborated to bring the Merc with a Mouth on-screen, they wrote the screenplay for Zombieland together. A decade later, Wernick and Reese worked together to bring a Zombieland sequel to life.

      While promoting Zombieland: Double Tap, Wernick provided an update on Deadpools fate at Disney. Were no closer to knowing when a Deadpool sequel will happen, but if nothing else, its more assurance that the tone that Wernick, Reese, and star Ryan Reynolds established will remain intact.

      Were always in touch with Ryan, Wernick told Entertainment Weekly. Weve got several projects with him in addition to the Deadpool universe. I think the party line and truth is were all still figuring it out. Marvel has promised to continue to let us play in the R-rated Deadpool universe, and the hope is that they will also let us veer into the MCU a little bit as well and play in that sandbox.

      Its more or less what Disney CEO Bob Iger said back in February, although more recent reports indicated that the Marvel superhero could work in a PG-13 movie. But until we actually see an R-rated Deadpool movie at Disney, the concern over what it will look like will remain.

      In related news, Reynolds posted a photo of himself at Marvel Studios on social media, joking that he was there to audition for Tony Stark. But the fact that hes met with Marvel post-merger is a good sign that Deadpool wont remain in limbo forever.

      H/T Comic Book Movie

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      After Spending A Sleepless Night Because Of His Children, Ryan Reynolds Says What Every Parent Is Thinking


      Let’s be honest… Children, especially the youngest ones, can be pretty exhausting. The worst part is probably their stubbornness when it comes to bedtime. Some of them just plainly refuse to sleep, often costing a good night’s sleep to their parents too. Recently, actor Ryan Reynolds, who is probably best known for his role in the superhero movie Deadpool, revealed what he really thinks about his kids who made him look tired before a photoshoot.

      Image credits: VancityReynolds

      Reynolds has gained much attention online for his candid and honest sense of humor. The actor doesn’t shy away from roasting his kids and even his own wife, Blake Lively. Luckily, the couple shares the same sense of humor and understands each other’s jokes well. So there were no hard feeling from Lively when Reynolds posted a hilarious compilation of her really unflattering photos during her birthday.

      Image credits: VancityReynolds

      Recently, Reynolds made people laugh again by calling out his kids on Instagram. He posted photos from a photoshoot promoting his Aviation Gin and mentioning those who have helped with it. After shouting out to his photographer and hairstylist, Reynolds didn’t forget to mention his little kids – 4-year-old James and 2-year-old Inez, who were credited for causing his under-eye bags.

      Image credits: vancityreynolds

      “LOVE this @AviationGin shoot with the legendary @guyaroch. Hair by @serafinosays and styling by @joseph.episcopo. Bags under my eyes by two thankless a**holes who refused to go to bed the night before, despite the fact I read them Winnie the Pooh and nearly half of Stephen King’s The Shining,” he wrote in the caption.

      Image credits: VancityReynolds

      Image credits: VancityReynolds

      Honestly, there’s probably plenty of parents out there who have looked at themselves in the morning and thought exactly the same thing. But, of course, Reynolds doesn’t actually think his kids are little jerks, so to speak. The actor is once again, just cracking jokes at the expense of his children and people absolutely love it! His hilarious candid comments on his lovely children never go unnoticed.

      Image credits: VancityReynolds

      Image credits: VancityReynolds

      Image credits: VancityReynolds

      Image credits: VancityReynolds

      Image credits: blakelively

      The happily married father of two is expecting another baby with his wife. And while he often tweets about little annoyances of having kids, Ryan and his wife Blake try to keep them out of the spotlight. “Ryan had a nice, normal upbringing, and we want our kids to have the same normal life that we had,” Blake told Marie Claire in 2016.

      Image credits: blakelively

      Here’s how people reacted

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      ‘Smallville’ star Tom Welling will play Superman once again



      Eight years after the end ofSmallville, Tom Welling will play Superman once again.

      The Smallville star is set to reprise his role duringthe Arrowverse franchisesCrisis on Infinite Earths crossover event. This will see DC Comics characters from other universes appear in the world ofArrow, Supergirl, The Flash,Legends of Tomorrow, and the newBatwomanshow. Its the most ambitious comic-book-style crossover to date,following storylines like the Flash/Arrow/Supergirl crossover Elsewords, which introduced Ruby Rose as Batwoman last year.

      Tom Welling isnt the only Superman onboard. Hes joining Tyler Hoechlin (the version we see in Supergirl) and Brandon Routh, who previously starred in the movie Superman Returns. Presumably, theyll drop in a joke about his startling resemblance toLegends of Tomorrows Ray Palmer, who is also played by Brandon Routh.

      Routh will wear a costume inspired by Alex Rosss art in the comic Kingdom Come, potentially hinting that this is the future of the character he played on the big screen. According toEntertainment Weekly, Welling will indeed be playing the Clark Kent we knew on Smallville.

      The crossover will also feature voice actor Kevin Conroy as Batman, his first live-action performance in a role the 63-year-old actor has voiced since the 1990s.

      Inspired by the popular 1980s DC crossover comic, Crisis on Infinite Earths will take place over five episodes of the five Arrowverse TV shows, starting withSupergirl on Dec. 8. We wont be surprised if theres some more fan-favorite stunt casting on the way.

      Want more reviews and interviews from Gavia Baker-Whitelaw? Sign up here to receive her biweekly geek culture newsletter.

      H/T Entertainment Weekly

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